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7th Amendment PAC

Trial by jury is a basic necessity of a free people enshrined in the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Texas and protected by the sacrifices of many.  Trial by jury guarantees every Texan a fair and direct route to justice, uninfluenced by powerful special interests. 

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Dedicated to supporting our local community through various educational events. 

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A Message From Our President

WOW, what a historical night!  Last Friday, HTLA hosted one of the most elegant events ever in Houston’s legal community. 
Bearing Witness: Tales From a Bygone Era

The event honored six legendary trial lawyers: Ernest Cannon, Dick DeGuerin, Wayne Fisher, Mike Gallagher, Ronny Krist and Jim Perdue, Sr.  Each lawyer recounted stories that spanned their careers.  From their early years before computers and ‘tort reform’ to the years that made them who they are today.

Many of their incredible achievements have been chronicled in Southwestern Reporters, obscured in legalese, or in old newspaper clippings rarely read.  However, to those who were lucky enough to attend the event, we heard first hand their stories, their passion, their dedication, and the rowdy fun they had along the way.   It was like stepping back in time and then realizing how everything they were saying still applies today.   Seeing how they have not given up the fight for the 7th Amendment and the right of every citizen to have their day in court, makes me want to fight even harder.

I want to thank every member who generously sponsored this event!  Without your support, this event never would have taken place.  The event raised over $275,000 and the net proceeds will directly benefit HTLA’s 7th Amendment PAC.

Finally, I want to again thank Tommy Fibich, Patrice McKinney, Annie McAdams, Erin Copeland, and Rhonda High for their countless hours of time and energy put into making this one of the greatest trial lawyer events in history!

Join me as we raise a toast to these great men and celebrate their legacy of excellence!

Daniel D. Horowitz
2018 HTLA President






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