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We appreciate our preferred partners and are grateful for their support. We encourage our members to support these companies when they are in need of legal services and products.

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        7th Amendment PAC


Trial by jury is a basic necessity of a free people enshrined in the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Texas and protected by the sacrifices of many.  Trial by jury guarantees every Texan a fair and direct route to justice, uninfluenced by powerful special interests. 

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Dedicated to supporting our local community through various educational events. 

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HTLA 2019 President
Toby Cole
The Cole Law Firm

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Executive Committee & Committees

Erin Murphy
President Elect
Wade Moriarty
Sec. / Treas.

Anjali Nigam
Women's Caucus
Megan Daic

Don Kidd

Daniel D. Horowitz, III
Clark Martin
V.P. Communications
Andrea Roth    Ben Ruemke
V. P. Continuing Legal Education
Raj Mahadass  Mala Sharma
V.P. Diversity Outreach
Chad Gerke     Rene Sigman
V.P. Legislative Affairs
& Judicial Relations
Britney           Tina
McDonald      Robbins
V.P. Membership
Daniel D.          Anjali
Horowitz, III    Nigam
V.P. Long Range Planning
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Omar             Matt            Adam
Chawdhary    Elwell          Blake
Golf Tournament
Megan Daic     Wade Moriarty
Big League Bash


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