Upload Your Depositions and Documents
TrialSmith's deposition bank is the best source on the Internet for information on experts, but HTLA.org needs your help to continue growing this valuable plaintiff-only service.

For every deposition you send to TrialSmith, you earn a $5 credit that can be used on other documents in the national database – there's no limit to the credit you can earn.

With free access to your transcripts, you can build your own private, digital library at HTLA.org.

Learn How to Send Your Firm's Documents
E-mail your transcripts.
Ask your paralegals to forward electronic transcripts to depositions@trialsmith.com. TrialSmith accepts transcripts in any format (Word, WordPerfect, E-Transcript, etc).

Upload your transcripts.
Upload one document at a time or upload zip files of large document collections at trialsmith.com/upload. Read Microsoft's tech notes to learn how to compress your documents into one large file.

Ship your paper transcripts for free scanning.
TrialSmith scans and converts all of your documents into searchable PDF format! Appoint someone in your firm to organize and ship your depositions today. We also accept diskettes and CD-ROMs.

Mail documents to TrialSmith, 5113 Southwest Pkwy, Suite 285, Austin, TX 78735. Include a copy of your letterhead in each box so that your documents are permanently linked to your name. We recommend UPS ground shipping for reliable delivery.

Questions? Call TrialSmith at 800-443-1757 for immediate assistance.