2021 Business Partners

Big thanks to our 2021 Business Partners!

We appreciate our 2021 preferred partners and are grateful for their support. We encourage our members to support these companies when they are in need of legal services and products.

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Fellowship Business Partners

Sage Settlement Consulting (formerly The Settlement Alliance)
Houston Office | 1775 St. James Place, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77056
877-737-7243 | info@sagesettlements.com | www.sagesettlements.com


As the industry’s largest plaintiff-oriented settlement planning team, Sage Settlement Consulting offers a portfolio of innovative solutions, including:

  • Structured Settlement Annuities
  • Market-Based Structured Settlements
  • Non-Qualified Structured Settlements
  • Attorney Fee Deferral Strategies
  • Trust Services
  • Qualified Settlement Funds
  • Government Benefit Preservation
  • Mass Tort Settlement Resolution
  • Lien Resolution, Medicare Set-Asides
  • Probate Coordination
  • Law Firm Financing

Our national network of local experts and strategic partnerships exceed the level of service plaintiff attorneys and their clients have come to expect. Contact us toll-free at 877-737-7243 or visit www.sagesettlements.com to learn more.

Sage Settlement Consulting is a proud Fellowship Sponsor of Houston Trial Lawyers Association.


Alliance MRI We are a team of diagnostic imaging specialists with multiple locations to fit your needs.  We have eight convenient diagnostic imaging centers with six in the Greater Houston area as well as our newest locations in San Antonio and Corpus Christi. New centers are coming on line in the next few months in Pearland and possibly Laredo. We focus on providing integrity-driven services through our state-of-the-art machines and specialists.

Alliance MRI offers the comforts of a professional, yet relaxed, atmosphere while delivering state-of-the-art radiology with quality patient care. We know that the health and well-being of your clients come first and we want them to feel safe and respected. Leading software technology and superior equipment will produce accurate and reliable images for your doctors that will guide them in your clients medical care. Our radiologists are dedicated to both you and your doctor to consistently provide detailed reports tailored to fit your unique needs.

It is our express goal to ensure a comfortable and quick visit that will benefit your case and your clients health. We pride ourselves on working patients in as soon as possible – many times on the same day. 

For more information about our diagnostic imaging services, please contact Alliance MRI.   Ben Casmer   Ben.c@alliancehealthcarepartners.com

Website:       alliance-mri.com

Phone:           832-644-6482

Fax:                 713-600-6053



Physician Life Care Planning is a full service, nationwide provider of damages valuation services that specializes in the formulation of Compensatory Economic Damages.


We define the value of Future Medical Care, Loss of Earnings Capacity, and Loss of Household Services for chronically and catastrophically ill/injured individuals for attorneys, government agencies, insurance companies, trusts, and courts.

Our Physician Life Care Planners are Board Certified Physicians who specialize in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and possess the requisite capacity to independently and thoroughly formulate and defend a strong medical foundation for damages valuation.

Our team of Vocation and Occupational Specialists, Forensic Economists, and Financial Analysts builds on our Future Medical Care expenses assessments to provide medically founded Loss of Earnings, Loss of Household Services, and related reports and services.

With over 70 Board Certified Life Care Planning Physicians and Damages Valuation Experts around the country, we are the nation’s leading provider of damages valuation services and able to conveniently serve attorneys and claimants nationwide.

Michael Cox
Physician Life Care Planning
Email:  Michael@physicianlcp.com
Phone: 979-204-7873
Website: https://physicianlcp.com
Video: https://youtu.be/UfUcHMwIUy0




Sustaining Business Partners


Stratos Legal A Veritext Company has quickly grown into a nationwide, full-service, litigation support firm.  They not only pride themselves on  customer service, but they place a high premium on keeping up with the latest technologies so that they can deliver cost-management solutions to their clients.  
Christin Chandler ● 713.481.2180



Surgicare provides funding of medical care by purchasing the lien–based medical accounts receivables from healthcare providers on personal injury cases. Our goal is to make healthcare funding easy for all parties involved in the medical treatment of victims of a motor vehicle accident. The unfortunate reality is that most injured patients are uninsured or financially deficient, making it difficult for them to cover their own medical expenses for injuries incurred as a result of someone else’s negligence.

At Surgicare we understand the struggles that law firms face when searching for quality lien-based medical care for their injured clients. Whether it is facing the reality of providing costly medical expenses needed to treat your client or working with medical providers that are not accustomed to lien-based care. These issues can be frustrating creating both a financial burden for the attorney as well as an administrative nightmare for the legal staff handling the personal injury case.

Our mission is to provide a place that will alleviate all of your concerns allowing the attorney and their staff to concentrate on the legal work necessary to achieve the best outcome for their injured client. Surgicare is prepared to provide funding of costly medical treatments, such as surgeries and hospitalization, through the purchase of personal injury liens from medical providers. This will enable the law firm to utilize their resources to fight the legal case through the expensive litigation process instead on medical care.

One of the biggest struggles that law firms face is finding a quality medical specialist that will treat their lien-based client. Surgicare has a solution to this problem in that we have compiled a network of surgeons that are highly skilled and trained. Your uninsured or financially deficient client will be pleased to have the same access to quality care as any other insured individual. We are proud to inform you that the majority of the surgeons in our network are board certified and many have multiple board certifications.


1900 North Loop W. Suite #240
Houston, TX 770018



Contributing Business Partners



Before our founder, T.C. Frost, started Frost Bank in 1868, he practiced law in Texas. Frost – one of the 60 largest U.S. banks – is the banking subsidiary of Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. The $32.3 billion company operates more than 130 financial centers across Texas, and recently announced it would nearly double its size in the Houston region. Banks – especially Texas banks – don’t get to be 150 years old unless they succeed by helping their customers succeed, and Frost is well-known for its award-winning customer service. Our Houston bankers have more than 25 years of expertise in working with the legal industry and with law firms of all sizes. Contact Harry McMahan at 713-388-7902, or visit www.frostbank.com to learn more.
Harry McMahan ● 713.388.7902



But he may not have health insurance. And healthcare providers might be a little hesitant to get involved in a case where they might not get paid for months, if ever.

That’s where Well States comes in. We have a proven track record for helping attorneys build successful cases. We’re self-funded, so long before your client was hurt, we negotiated with healthcare providers to make sure they wouldn’t have to wait for a settlement before they got paid.

When healthcare providers know that we’ve taken care of the money, they can concentrate on taking care of your client. And you can concentrate on winning a settlement. A settlement that can happen even faster because your case was well managed, with minimal administration delays and no gaps in care.
What once might have been an adversarial relationship is now mutually beneficial.

Healthcare providers get paid. You have more time to handle more cases.

And your client gets back to life that much quicker. Mike Hamer ● 281.451.9904

Stokes & Associates has been providing vocational rehabilitation assessments and Life Care Planning services in the gulf south and nationally since 1998. Our team of licensed and certified vocational rehabilitation and life care planning experts offers forensic consultation and testimony in state and federal courts. At Stokes & Associates, we follow generally-accepted, peer-reviewed methods for conducting our evaluations that ensure thorough, well-reasoned, easily-defensible opinions. Our experts strive to be accessible and responsive, and our highly trained staff allow us to provide unparalleled service. To request your complimentary consultation, please contact
David Barrett, cell # 504-259-6557.  Houston office – 281-335-5300.