The purpose of  The 7th Amendment PAC of HTLA, is to serve as a reminder to candidates and political observers that, though the right to trial by jury is a key provision of our hallowed Bill of Rights, Texas remains a state where that right is under constant threat. The formation of this PAC assures the citizens of Texas that the plaintiffs' bar is leading to fight to protect the right to trial by jury.

Member contributions to the PAC Fund will become an important element in widening our political profile. Offering political insight to HTLA members and encouraging all of us to become more personally active in the civil justice nomination processes of both local parties are important parts of the PAC's mission.

Research indicates that organizations in which at least a majority of members make affordable monthly contributions to PAC funds are most successful in achieving their goals. To encourage the widest possible participation among HTLA members, the PAC Board has arranged to accept monthly contributions by credit card payments.

Join the 7th Amendment PAC of HTLA TODAY, it will make a difference.


As a PAC contributor you will have special recognition at HTLA events and will be list on website.

 A separate Board of Trustee governs the activities of The 7th Amendment PAC of HTLA.


7th Amendment PAC of HTLA Trustees

Wade Moriarty – 2021 Chairperson

Tommy Fibich

Jason Itkin

Patrice McKinney

Tina Robbins 

Jason Webster


Contributions or gifts to the 7th Amendment PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes.